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If you are new to the idea of wealth management, we are here to get you up to speed on how it can help you achieve your goals and benefit you throughout your life.

For us, wealth management is about building lasting and enduring relationships with our clients.

Life is complicated and our clients are busy, so we want our clients to concentrate on what is important for them, safe in the knowledge that a committed wealth management company is looking after their assets.

Every one of our clients has a unique story behind their accumulated wealth and an equally unique plan for their future. We understand that as your wealth accumulates, the need for advice will vary, so rigorous and systematic investment strategies are at the centre of any wealth management programme. However, wealth management is about far more than just investment strategies as it combines financial planning in all its forms, whether it be retirement or inheritance & estate services or many other financial sectors.

Our specialist advisers can help with all your financial planning needs, from savings to investing, pensions to philanthropy. We will help you make the most of your money in your lifetime and leave it to your loved ones in the best possible way. If your plans include supporting a worthy cause, you care about or ensuring the longevity of your business, we can advise you on that too.

We have a very personal approach to relationships and clients deal directly with the individuals who are looking after their investments. This means we can gain a clear understanding of their objectives and requirements. Also, if we think it is appropriate to involve specialists from other parts of the group, like wealth planners or asset managers, we are well placed to introduce them at the appropriate stage of relationships.

Our risk-based method to portfolio construction ensures a breadth of precisely developed investment solutions in keeping with your full wealth picture.

We have had a long period of virtually zero returns from bank accounts, and this looks like being prolonged even further. So now, it’s even more important that investors look for professional advice and run their financial affairs more effectively.

All our portfolios are customised, so invariably, there’s going to be some questions, and having direct access means that these can be dealt with quickly and aids good communication.

Having swiftly and expertly put the plan in place for you enabling your wealth to grow in line with your aspirations, we will partner with you to build and adjust your portfolio as markets, fiscal regimes and your own circumstances evolve. Your advisory team is always on hand to discuss any aspect of your wealth strategy.
Whether you seek continual or less frequent engagement, intelligent relationships and unparalleled insight into your overarching circumstances are key to the exceptional service you can expect from GPI Europe.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Wealth management ?

    Wealth management is the most advanced and highest level of investment advisory services. It generally includes comprehensive investment management alongside financial advice, tax guidance, estate planning and even legal assistance.

    A wealth advisor typically creates a specially tailored investment strategy and plan for their clients to help them manage their assets. They generally aim their services at the highly affluent and have expertise in the types of financial questions that affect the ultra-wealthy, such as how to optimise the estate tax.

    The type of service offered by a wealth management company is best suited to affluent clients. But while you may not require wealth management now, your needs are likely to change over time. At some point, it may be time to consider wealth management.

    What is Wealth Planning?

    Our wealth planning service looks at your financial arrangements as a whole. This service starts with an independent, strategic review of your entire financial situation, incorporating cash flow modelling if appropriate. We will then identify specific issues, analyse these in more detail, and recommend changes that will help you meet your long-term goals. Our independent wealth planners can help manage all aspects of your finances and investments and ensure they are structured, to meet your financial goals now and in later life.

    What is Financial Planning?

    Financial planning is building a strategic plan with a view to an end result, whether that be a specific event or a period in general. That plan needs to be flexible to manoeuvre through life’s ever changing tapestry.


    What is Discretionary Portfolio Management?

    Our investment solutions offer you access to a wide range of portfolio building and management resources, supported by our rigorous and robust investment process, including insights into local and international markets. If you choose our discretionary investment service, your own dedicated investment manager will build and run a personalised portfolio on your behalf, without needing to ask your permission each time they want to make an adjustment. Our investment team will continually look for suitable opportunities from around the world for you.

    What is Estate Planning?

    At its simplest, estate planning is about protecting and preserving what you’ve earned and owned, to best provide for your loved ones in your absence. We think you should see estate planning as the cornerstone of your wealth, from inheritance tax planning to planning a change of country of residence. It takes a certain level of financial and legal understanding to make the right decisions around estate planning in any one country. If you are a citizen of one country and live in another, or if your personal or business interests are split across two countries, you’ll benefit from specialised guidance.

    Effective estate planning comes down to two things: understanding the intricacies of the law and the financial vehicles available; and an ability to really listen to your concerns and understand your objectives and ideal way of life.


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