Spain has a cheerful spirit and relaxed lifestyle

Living in Spain offers life in a modern country, which offers a well-developed infrastructure and a modern living environment.

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Average yearly wage: €20.000

Average retirement age: 65 

Average weekly working hours: 38.4

Currency: Euro

Managing your finances in Spain

Whether you are already a resident in Spain or are considering relocating to the country, GPI Europe can provide you with specialist expat financial advice to help you optimise your wealth and make the most of your unique cross-border situation. 

If you are willing to find out more about international pensions, such as  QROPs  or  SIPPs advice, or need help with  wealth planning  and inheritance rules, we’re here to assist you. With teams across the country, we can also help you to navigate living in Spain, bureaucratic issues, and even cultural concerns in our friendly and supportive manner. 

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    Interesting facts about Spain

    • Home of the world’s second most widely-spoken language. There are about 440 million native Spanish speakers around the world;
    • The Spanish love to chill out. On average, they devote 16 out of the 24 hours every day to leisure, including eating, drinking, and sleeping;
    • The ‘first’ novel Don Quixote was written in Spanish;
    • Home to the world’s oldest restaurant (Restaurante Botín since 1725);
    • In 2022, Spain was the second most popular global tourist destination, after France, welcoming a staggering 82.8 million visitors;
    • Spain is a giant of world football.

    Top benefits of living in Spain for expats


    Perfect weather

    Forget about those weathers in which you cannot go out to the street during winter due to how cold it is. In Spain, you will find the ideal temperature throughout the whole year 320 days of sun!


    The Spanish culture

    Wherever you go, you will live Spanish history. Spain is a nation that since its inception has been built on many different groups, each with its own characteristics and differences. Result? Diverse and divided culture.


    Health benefits

    According to the Health Care Accessibility and Quality Index (HAQ), Spain has one of the best public health systems in the world.


    Quality of life

    In Spain you won’t enjoy a working lifestyle based on stress and constant rush. The Spanish spirit is based on enjoying life as much as possible, especially when it comes to sharing it with others.


    Huge number of expat communities

    Moving to a new country can be a tough process, you may leave behind family and friends, and that creates the need to construct a brand new social circle. Spain is a perfect destination for this.

    Spanish cities to move in:


    Barcelona is a wonderful location to live. In addition to its numerous sites, activities, and events, most visitors value the lifestyle and quality of life. An average meal price per person is 12 euros; a glass of house wine is 3,8 euros; an espresso is 1,40 euros; the population is 5,7 million.


    Madrid is a cultural, economic, and world-renowned nightlife center. Tourist attractions, as well as many other historical and architectural sites, are magnificent. An average meal price per person is 13 euros; a glass of house wine is 4 euros; an espresso is 1,50 euros; the population is 6,7 million.


    Expats are quite fond of Malaga, especially those who wish to retire and those who want to work and live in Spain. Like many famous Spain’s southern coast locations, Malaga is mostly appreciated for its pleasant temperature, excellent cuisine and drink, and leisurely lifestyle. An average meal price per person is 10 euros; a glass of house wine is 2,9 euros; an espresso is 0,95 euros; the population is 592 thousand.


    Seville has a lively culture and a vivid history. The city makes it to the list as one of the best places to live in Spain as an expat. An average meal price per person is 10 euros; a glass of house wine is 3,3 euros; an espresso is 1,10 euros; the population is 701 thousand.


    In the south of Spain, one of the most popular places to relocate to is the town and neighbourhood of Alicante. This is owing to its more inexpensive nature and the lovely weather all year round. The city is famous for its beautiful palm trees, commercial avenues and boulevards, magnificent sandy white beaches, and ancient monuments. An average meal price per person is 11 euros; a glass of house wine is  3,5 euros; an espresso is 1,10 euros; the population is 375 thousand.

    San Sebastian

    San Sebastian is a famous town in Spain’s Gipuzkoa area. Although the city does not always benefit from the warm weather, it provides an unbelievable quality of life, making it one of the best places to live in Spain. An average meal price per person is 14 euros; a glass of house wine is 3,4 euros; an espresso is 1,80 euros; the population is 186,6 thousand.

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