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Peter Hindle

Just One of Many Experiences

GPI has managed my finances since the mid-90s and, especially, since I retired in 2003 with over 90% of my pension paid to me as a lump sum. Together with stock options (all now redeemed) this has to last me for the rest of my life.

When my late, first wife received a terminal diagnosis in 2006 she wanted to make long-term provision for our grandson (shortly to be two) and nephew and niece (shortly to be three). When I re-married, my new wife brought three sons into our family (one seriously disabled). Two of my stepsons have families (currently four children; shortly to be five). The vehicle originally chosen was a trust fund for each child. Reporting requirements having become more onerous over time, the management cost for the funds became disproportionately high…

Peter Hindle

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