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Cathal Lyons

I was introduced to George and his team a good few years back. At the time, I had one particular investment, which was under-performing to say the least. The Company took over this investment for me and quite quickly, they assessed the fund and helped me take actions, which have improved its performance.

Since that time, I have expanded more of my portfolio to George and his team. I find them to be professional, reliable and very responsive. Whenever I need help or advice the team at the Company, acknowledge almost immediately with a comprehensive reply.

What gives me the most comfort is receiving pro-active advice and suggestions to alter my portfolio, usually resulting in a positive impact on my investments. I find the investor reports useful, proving that the Company are on top of things which is always encouraging.

Cathal Lyons

Former Managing Partner of Operations & CFO for Ernst Young in CIS, Executive board member in Companies in Russia, Thailand and Netherlands

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