Who we are

Leaders in the financial services industry with more than 40 years
of experience and presence in the financial markets.

This experience helps GPI to understand what is important for every client – we have built a rich history of caring for clients and their families!

Our history

GPI Europe has been established to answer the investment needs of people living within the European Community.
GPI Europe is regulated in the E.U. with its licence held in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Through passporting the company is active throughout the European Community.

On the back of the experience of the International company, GPI Europe’s main thrust is to satisfy the aims and goals of its investors inside the body of regulation. Europe has seen the increase of, and much needed, regulation throughout all member states. This is from anti money laundering (AML) regulations and Directives for investor protection. More recently we have seen the implementation of the data protection Directives.

All this adds to the importance of clients and investors feeling more protected and confident that their investments are monitored correctly and frequently. This is all good news and the way business should have been conducted for many years prior to these compliance introductions. Unfortunately we have seen some incidents, over the years, where investors have suffered from “bad advice“ or at least advice with a vested interest of the financial institution.
GPI Europe has not, does not and will not operate in this way. We are committed to have long lasting relationships with happy and satisfied clients. Investment planning is a journey towards specific goals and GPI Europe is convinced with their help these goals can be achieved.

Prudent investment planning is essential in this day and age, having both realistic and focused dimensions to the investment plan is equally essential.

GPI Europe will help you achieve this goal.


The context for GPI Europe’s mission statement is to bring trustworthy advice to all investors given by diligent, highly trained and competent consultants.

Our strategic intent and focused aim is to deliver a reliable, regular and expert service to our clients and ensure that their investments are constantly being reviewed to meet changing market conditions.

As a company we need to respond strongly and positively by adhering to a set of principles which support the concept that good advice should prevail and that our relationship with clients can be seen as a long term journey enhanced by studious personal development on our side.

We need to stand by the need to establish, within our company, an environment of learning, an acceptance of our accountability & responsibilities and a determination to support & build a robust industry that aligns itself with regulations, regulators and constant market changes.

It is vital, for the future of our industry, our business and for our consultants that pathways for personal development are an everyday part of our daily job. It is equally vital that investing into and nurturing young people to become a part of our company is essential. Having a career path specifically designed to enhance their existing skill set, to motivate them to flourish seeking larger possibilities and to aid them to grasp those possibilities.

So much of our energy is spent concentrating on creating capital within our business we oft forget that developing individuals holds the possibility of creating something special and long lasting.

This may sound a strange CEO message to readers but I am committed to having the right people to serve you and consequently the correct service & advice being delivered!

George Petch
Managing Director

Our core values

We put people first

Before we make any suggestions towards a solution for an individuals circumstances we consider firstly what benefits it will provide to that person. We have often witnessed how wrong suggestions may dramatically affect people’s lives. Delivering to our clients a robust service which brings them the financial security and success they desire is central to GPI's DNA.
So our philosophy is to treat people in the same way we would like them to treat us.

We work with integrity

We keep ourselves to uncompromising ethical and legal standards.
This extends to our day-to-day business conduct, our employee policies and our commitment to social responsibility.

We embrace changes

Innovation has always been a part of the GPI history.
Our team helps to shape the modern financial industry. We’re driven to continually challenge the status quo and anticipate our customers’ changing needs with new ideas, new global oportunities and new expectations.

We pursue excellence

Excellence doesn't mean being perfect; it means using our abilities and opportunities to their fullest. A focus on excellence means we take time, work hard and think carefully about every project or activity.
Excellence lets us take pride in our accomplishments. We are guided by a vision or an idea, and we do our best to make it a reality.

We listen

Actually, we learn to listen.
There is a stereotype in sales industry that sucsesful businesman speaks a lot. GPI strongy disagree with this as we beleive that good healthy business relations can be build when we listen to the people we meet.
There should be a reason why we have two ears and onе mouth.

Our people

GPI was always very selective with chosing the people who will intoroduce our company and provide service to the clients.
We are pleased to introduce you our team


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